My clients often ask how and why I came to call my business Working River. My ex-husband, a mAd-man and creative, insists he came up with these alliterating words. But I, too, was in the room and remember it quite differently. The mystery and debate around that, I’m sure, will…

It’s just another day in the life of a manager — but with “a little” something extra.

Typical employee engagement situations that once called for fundamental management skills now require much more.

An employee comes to work and seems seriously distracted, anxious, and unfocused. A highly effective employee is suddenly missing deadlines, quieter than normal, and seems disengaged and detached. You notice a typically social…

Whether your business is a large enterprise or a midsize organization, the change, turmoil, and tumult of recent events make managing your organizational Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) efforts a strategic imperative that can hold both considerable risks and rewards. …

Damaris Patterson Price

Working River designs and delivers coaching, consulting, and learning products to grow the competencies of an organization’s most powerful asset: its leaders.

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